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How to Handle Unplanned Outcomes of “Knacking”

Reproductive health  •  20 April 2023  • 2 min read



Young people like to have fun. After school, chores, and endless expectations it is nice to have a moment of pleasure, “knacking”. “Knacking” is a way to explore your sexual wants and needs.

However, if you are not careful your pleasure will turn into changing diapers and sleepless nights.

Here are Some Things You Need to Know:

  • No matter what position you use there will always be a risk of pregnancy when engaging in “knacking”.
  • Pulling out is not effective whether you aim for the stars or your partner. Even before having your orgasm sperm will be released.
  • You cannot pee out sperm. No matter how deep you squat and how hard you pee the sperm will stay inside of you.
  • Cold water doesn’t kill sperm, but it will give you a brain freeze.
  • Jumping will not help you get rid of sperm. You can jump for days and nothing will change, other than your energy level. You will be very tired.

How to Avoid Pregnancy When Knacking

As a young person, you have so much of life ahead of you. Graduating school, finding love, and endless amounts of “knacking” without a child in the room or the one beside you.

It is very important to learn about yourself before having kids to also take care of. Marie Stopes Clinic believes you should have children by choice and not chance. And that you should be able to engage in “knacking” without the fear of unplanned outcomes.

Whether you are a perfectionist, always on the go, ambitious, or have superpowers, accidents can happen. Marie Stopes Clinics have many options to help you. We offer a wide range of contraceptives that are available to you per your preference.

If you have “knacked” without protection and should find yourself or your partner pregnant Marie Stopes Clinics are here to help you with pregnancy options counselling services.

We are always a call away. You can reach us on 0800 20 8585 (Toll-free on all networks) or WhatsApp at 0244208585 for help.

Visit our clinic nearest to you.

Abena Serwah Kufuor



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